MINT Furniture Revamped


403 Pakington Street
Geelong, Victoria, 3220 Australia.


Tel 0499 169 871


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In consultation with you we can meet any and all of your refurbishing needs. Creativity and vision is what we're great at and, with our guidance, we can decide what will work best in your space; keeping in mind your style and likes. Any piece. Any style. 


Most older pieces of furniture have seen better days and they usually arrive at the workshop needing a repair or two. A piece cracking off here? A wobbly leg there? Some borer? No worries. We can fix it.


Looking for that perfect piece of furniture or that perfect fabric can be very daunting and time consuming. There are literally millions of options! Let us do the job for you.
We take the time to get to know what it is you're after, and what will best suit you and your home, and do the searching for you. 


We all own some beautiful pieces that might be looking a bit tired. Don't throw them out! Bring them back to life with some new fabric.
We recover all styles of chair, cushions, ottomans, footstools. 



We are available, by appointment, to come to your home. We offer an in house consultation where we can decide, with you, what styles, pieces and finishes will work best in your home. A great idea if you have more than one piece, or one space, that you're considering revamping.